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Exclusive Lockets And Charms

At Media By Becker serving Birmingham, Alabama, we offer an amazing variety of lockets, pendants, and charms. Check our selection often because we update our stock each week.


Choose a living memory locket in silver, gold, copper, round, heart shaped, oval, or different colors, that you can open to place a special keepsake inside. Lockets come with different chain lengths and some have stones arranged around them.


We customize lockets with charms, initials and birthstones.


Lockets are 1.15", (30 millimeters) in diameter and 1.3" thick, (7 millimeter). They close securely with magnets and I include anything addition that will fit in them.

Hard to find a better price for lockets anywhere. These beauties start at just $18 and sell for as little as $25 depending on customization and whether the locket is embellished with stones. Prices include FREE SHIPPING


Choose from 100's of different charms, some small enough to place inside a locket. Other charms are bigger and made for a charm bracelet. Our  charms are produced from Tibetan silver alloy and new products arrive each week.

Choose a charm bracelet and then pick the charms you would like. The most popular charms are letters. Our charms prices range from $1 to $5.


You'll simply adore our moon shaped pendants that come with a variety of inserts. Made of Tibetan silver alloy, they are about 1-11/16" or 37 millimeters in diameter. Pendant prices are $11.97, and include free shipping.

We have a supply of gift boxes for all products, including rings and earrings, that we carry. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed and we accept returns, although we do not pay for return shipping.

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